Ginger Cat

I thought I'd have a play around with the copy of Painter Classic I got with my graphics tablet. After a bit of playing around I've come up with the picture below.

Ginger CatGinger Cat

I've never been very good at drawing pictures of animate objects. I always see them with personalities in the way rather than seeing what's actually there. Any advice you can give over how to imporve would be appreciated. :-)

Edited to add: It looks so much better in the thumbnail! Small hides all the flaws!


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Pat from Canvey's picture

Ginger Cat

What's wrong with seeing animate objects with personalities? If a total likeness is what you want, you would use a camera! Think about L.S.Lowry's matchstick men and Munch's the Scream. Typed reaching over a black furry lump who is hogging the computer chair.