F-16AM Fighting Falcon

F-16AM Fighting Falcon

General Dynamics F-16AM Fighting Falcon.
No. 311 Squadron, Royal Netherlands Airforce, Volkel.
Taken at RIAT 2005.


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Nice photo, good sense of mov

Nice photo, good sense of movement... I was at the Red Bull Air Races last weekend and got some good photos. check em out at Photography-of-Rock.com

DavidJaymz.com // Photography of Rock

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Your Photos

I checked out your photos. How did you manage the stitched together panoramic of the aircraft? Is it a sequence of shots of the same two aircraft as they move across the sky? It works realy well I think.

(I'm also satisfied to see that I'm not the only one who suffers from dirty lens syndrome on sky shots as well ;-) )

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F-16AM Fighting Falcon

Wow, Your photography skills are coming on a treat. Have you had anything from Canon about your zoom lens yet?

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Sent it off

I sent it off to one of their authorised repairers. They received it on Thursday so I'll have to see what they say. This photo was taken with the zoom before it stopped working. My similar distance pictures with the normal lens are more grey blobs than aircraft ;-)