Alien Plant

Here's my latest "bead" although it doesn't much look like one.
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It's again in borosilicate glass. Some people think it reminds them of the film "Day of the Triffids" while others think of "Little shop of horrors".I hope it gives you a laugh anyway or at least a smile.


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Does this stand on it's own?

Does this stand on it's own?

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Yes, I had a devil of a job adjusting the angle of the main stem so that it would be evenly balanced. I also had to adjust the "rootlets" to provide a reasonable base. It's a bit easier though with borosilicate glass as you don't have to worry so much about bits cooling whilst working on other bits and the whole thing cracking. It has also survived being annealed at 566 deg cent. so is currently sitting in a large plastic box, away from cats. I only have a few basic colours of boro at the moment and a sample box of Northstar short rods which are each only about 4 inches long.