Avon Gorge and the Downs

I decided to go walking yasterday around the Gorge and the Downs hoping to catch some interesting photos or at least learn a bit more about using my camera.

I started off in the woodland trying to get some pictures of birds. The woods were very peaceful but the birds were really too jittery to be able to get close enough to allow a shot with the limited light. I don't have a tripod so catching steady images at maximum zoom can take a steady hand but using the techniques I learned from rifle shooting most of the finished shots were unblurred. A few trees played reluctant tripod as well.

Woodland FloorWoodland Floor

I carried on walking and managed to snap a squirrel as it scampered quickly across the grass. The image quality isn't great but I like the expression on the squirrels face (original size looks much better than the enlarged size produced by the thumbnailer).


After walking through more woodland I found myself on top of the cliff edge of the Gorge. This gave great views of the Suspension and the Gorge, only spoiled slightly by the haziness of the afternoon.

Clifton Suspension BridgeClifton Suspension Bridge

Walking up to Peregrine Point I hoped to see some but the only birds in regular attendence seemed to be the seagulls and the jackdaws. I snapped this one as it took a breather before flying off to meet it's friends.


Continuing on up Circular road there is another lookout point where you come close again to the cliff edge and can look down onto the Portway and along the Gorge. Climbing up on the wall so I could shoot over the fence (I got a few strange looks from people - did they think I was gonna jump?!?) I spotted a couple of guys at the base of the cliff getting ready to do some climbing. One of the guys started off on a small free cimb and I snapped his picture as he started up. He wasn't stupid enough to go all the way to the top free climbing but he did go quite high as you can see in my pictures.

The ClimberThe Climber

After that it was a short walk back to Ladies Mile, my car and a half hour journey home.


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Cool Photo's. Glad you manage

Cool Photo's. Glad you managed to go and take photo's anyway. Me I'm trawling through old photo's picking good ones out.

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