Do Magpies Hide Food?

I just watched a very strange thing. A fat magpie outside my window managed to find a huge piece of bread on the lawn. Rather than stand there and eat it piece by piece it appeared to try to hide it. It seemed to shove it into the ground and then try and hide it by covering it with bits of loose grass. It even seemed to dig up bits of growing grass to place on top of it.

Do magpies hide food? I confess I don't know but it certainly seems like it.


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Apparently they do. How cool

Apparently they do. How cool is that?

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Magpies hiding food

I just put out peanuts etc for the wild bords and noticed a magpie (here it goes again) stashing the peanuts in various places. I have watched birds alot over the last few years and this is the first time I have noticed them doing this. How wonderful :) Squirrel maggie

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magpies defininately stash food i just watched them take the suirrels monkey nuts and hide them in the conifer hedge. there where five of them and they have taken the lot