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I've decided to make up some of my older beads into jewellery and this set of lampwork beads was made about 18 months ago. They're not very adventurous and I picked up the green in the beads with the seed beads. They still looked a bit plain so I added the fringing at the bottom.
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Spikey seed bead spacer

Here's my first attempt at a spikey seed bead spacer. These have been used by seed beaders with lampwork beads to add interest to jewellery by providing a range of textures. I must try one without the black triangle beads sometime. The red ones are Delica cylinders which are a great but pricier bead because of their uniformity. They work exceptionally well when making a bead picture.

Blue seed bead feather earings

Once a month I go to a seed bead group meeting in Colchester. The project last night was these earings. They're a bit fiddly, but don't take long to make, maybe a couple of hours.
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I hope to be able to combine my lampwork beads with seed bead ones in future jewellery.

Pink seed bead necklace

I've wanted to try one of these spiral necklaces for some time and found a pattern for a bracelet in one of the beading magazines. I just carried on beading and made it long enough to fit over my head with no clasp so that the spiral was continuous.
When I wanted to start, I found I didn't have the size 6 beads for the outer spiral so had to rush down to Dizzy Di's studio to see what she had on offer.

Purple Lentils

I've ummed and ahh'd over this necklace as I can't decide whether there are too many lampwork beads in it.
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I've been experimenting with mixing colours in the lentils and still have some green and white and some blue and white ones to make up.

Another bracelet

I'm making bracelets lately and this one is made from brass jump rings bought from The Dragonfly Company.
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and heres a close-up,

Skull and Bones

I saw an illustration in a bead magazine and thought I might make something similar.
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The black crystals have small copper bi-cones on either side and the spacers are seed bead cubes. Here's a close-up thumbnail.

Chocolate and cream set

These beads are temporarily strung in the hope that they might be purchased and turned into a necklace. The string is 19.5 inches long and has a crimp at either end for now.
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Silver Byzantine Chainmaille Necklace

I bought the book "Great Wire Jewelry some time ago for the instructions on Viking Knit but liked the look of the Byzantine chainmaille in it. I kept thinking about making some and finally plucked up the courage to order silver jump rings from The Dragonfly Company.
Here's the finished article,
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Triangle beads

I made these beads some months ago but couldn't decide what to put with them. I finally decided to add smaller beads and swarovski crystals.
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