Heat Output of People

As part of my work at the moment I am trying to model the heat/power input into a building. This required me to assess the heat/power input from the various people that will inhabit the building. I think the answer is pretty cool so I've included it here...

Lets assume that the average person consumes about 2000 kcal per day.

Using the conversion that there are 4.184 kJ/kcal, we can find that a days food is equivalent to 8368 kJ.

8368 kJ/day = 0.09685 kJ/s or 96.85 J/s.

1 J/s = 1 W therefore the average person's power output is about 100W.

This means that if you are holding a function or event of some sort, for every ten people you put in the room for the day expect it to heat up the same as if a 1 kW electric fire was in there.

Cool or what?