I've lots of bits of grey opaque glass left over from a large stained glass panel I made quite a few years ago. You can see it here.
I also used some to make a suncatcher elephant, picture here.
Still with a bag full of bits, I decided to try a bead elephant and this is the second one I've tried.

Red Flower

I wanted to try a differently shaped flower so did this one in a couple of stages.
Red Flower top viewRed Flower top view
It has a yellow centre and a green stem.
Red Flower side viewRed Flower side view

Today's effort

I wanted to see how a multicoloured vessel would look and the idea kept bugging me. I finally gave in and made one today.
Multicoloured vesselMulticoloured vessel
The shell was one of those brought back from NewZealand in November 2005, just because the colour of it intrigued me.

Some of the Latest Beads

I have at least managed to make one set of beads before getting bored.
Black and White beadsBlack and White beads
These others are one offs:-Red and White CylinderRed and White Cylinder
A first try at a flower in a kind of tulip or bell shape. I can't identify the flower, it's one I just made up! Given that it's Spring, perhaps I should have made it blue as in Bluebell.
Red FlowerRed Flower

Hung up on Flowers

Every so often I get the urge to make another flower and have been trying to improve my technique. This latest is better than previous but could still be improved.Another flowerAnother flower


After a small frost last night, I tottered down to the kitchen at about 8.00am to feed the cats and saw a fox walking across the lawn. Later, after the sun came out and whilst I was torching, DH saw the same fox come back onto the lawn and sit curled up in the sun. Here's a picture taken by him through the kitchen window.Foxy VisitorFoxy Visitor

White Flower

I've finally got my second oxygen concentrator hooked up and have been trying various beads. Sunday I went to a bead fair at Ardingly in West Sussex and collected my pre-ordered bead kiln from Martin Tuffnell. I tried the practice program Tuesday and re-programmed it yesterday to the bead annealing programme. I've put one lot of simple beads in and today I thought I'd try some petals to make a flower. Here's a picture of the front:-
White FlowerWhite Flower

The Chillcast

The Chillcast by Anji Bee is exactly what is sounds like - a podcast of chillout music that you can also listen to online. I listened quite a lot at the weekend and tonight it's served me well while doing coursework. With around 2 years worth of material on site there's a nicely large amount available. I definitely recommend it.

Orange Vessel

Matt gave me some hollow mandrells for Christmas and I've been trying since then to get a decent blown vessel to show. I've managed one or two but ruined many more by blowing through or thermal cracking whilst I try to keep all the vessel hot during manufacture. This vessel is slightly lopsided but has two handles. Never mind that they are mismatched. They're there. It is a vessel and will hold a small amount of essential oils once I get a supply of suitable corks and trim with silver wire.

Website Update - Images not working...AGAIN!

OK - I took the plunge tonight to upgrade the site code since the new version of Drupal is slowly making it's way to 'release' and hence the version I was running would not longer be supported security-wise. Images, just like on the last upgrade, are pretty broken at the moment but it's late, I'm tired and it's unlikely that I'll be able to make sense of any more information regarding fixes tonight. I've therefore turned the site back online to let it loose on the world. Images that are not displaying should gradually start to re-appear in the image galleries (see the link in the top right of the screen) but you'll probably find that most images inside blog posts no longer display (sigh!). I'll try and get this fixed as soon as possible. You can still post images but you'll need to post them straight to the front page at the moment as you won't get them inserted into blog post properly at the moment.

Please don't be put off - please just check out the image galleries. Kat.

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