A Few Flowers

I've been alternating lately between making a few flowers and further fish beads. I've also been busy making a variety of different sizes and types of hearts to give away at a seed bead group I attend instead of taking food for everyone to eat. There's usually too much food anyway. I thought of making a set of numbered pieces of paper and letting the person who picks up no.1. have first choice etc. from about 30 different colours and sizes of hearts. Heres the flowers so far:-
Yellow FlowerYellow Flower

More Farms from a Balloon

Another picture of farms from the air taken from a Balloon! Obviously taken hand held. It was a misty morning hence the haze which was a shame.

British International Motor Show 2006

I've been sorting out some of my older photos. Below is a handheld panoramic photo taken at the British International Motor Show in 2006. I think I managed to fix all the 'half people' but if you find someone who's cut off let me know? :-) The panorama is 3x1 images.

Light Tent and Howl's

It was my birthday recently and my mum bought me an EZcube light tent. I decided to have a play with it today.

A Fish with three Fins

I finally made a fish last night whose fins didn't fall off! Very simple fish but I wanted to test whether my slightly revised methods would work. I'll make some more fanciful fish in the future.
Side viewSide view
Front viewFront view
The fish is 39mm long by 38 mm fin to fin, a bit smallet than I've made before.
In the meantime here's a link to a true master of glass sculpture,
Wesley Fleming
Those o

Another tree bead

Here's my new tree now that I've got the camera sorted again. 4 "sides" of the same cylindrical bead about 21 x 15 mm. I was trying for a winter and autumn tree on each "side" of the cylinder.Winter treeWinter tree
First sideFirst side
Autumn treeAutumn tree
Second sideSecond side

Call of Duty 4

Call of Duty 4 - visuals are very nice and the storyline is very engaging but the game just isn't long enough! Finished it today on 'regular' level in 12 hours. I'm not exactly the queen on FPSs so I guess that means that the game is way too short.

One of Those Days

Ok, it's going to be another of those days. We've had 2 days of rain and the car wouldn't start this morning because the plugs are damp. I've used up all the battery trying to get it to start because I knew that if it didn't, I'd have to cycle to the doctors to put in a repeat prescription before the end of the week. Car still didn't start so the better news is that I didn't fall of my bicycle this time and managed the journey there and back in half an hour, including getting off the bike at every sharp turn so that I wouldn't fall off. The ride along the lake was really quite pleasant as the sun was shining.

Yellow Flower

Here it is, out of the vermiculite and it hasn't cracked. One petal in the centre has a small v in it but that's because the petal split when I picked it up but managed to put both halves on the flower. I used a cold tweezer instead of a warm one to grasp the petal which caused the split. This is my first flower but I've made flowers before using a type of bread dough and glue.
Yellow FlowerYellow Flower

Trying Different Things

I love to try different bead shapes and search for tutorials online. This bear is from Jim Kervin's book outlining the work of Sharon Peters. Wearing protective glasses to keep my eyes from deteriorating further, I find it difficult to distinguish colours sometimes so the bear has a dark brown head and a light brown body. Oh well, the next one I make will have to have a light brown head and dark brown body.
Cartoon Bear: Looking heavenwardsCartoon Bear: Looking heavenwards
The next two pictures are the same bead, different sides to prove that it is not symetrical.

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