Interview Tomorrow

I have a job interview tomorrow up in Derby so wish me luck!

My friends site, is going through a redesign. It used to be his personal blog but now it looks like he's putting up a new project to do with rock gig photos. It's meant to go live on May 1st and I'm excited to see what he has done.

I must remember to check back in May :-)

Found this link on another board for It's one of these sites where people can ask questions and anyone can respond. I wasted a few hours there early this morning and it can become quite addictive if you let it.

What a Week!

Whoa! What a week! Thank god it's over although next week promises to be more of the same. This week I have been offered a job, called to interview for another, finished up working for the department I was as of two hours ago working for and briefed the person who is taking over from me as to the in's and outs of 'my baby'.


I've been playing Whizzball from Discovery Kids off and on for a while now. It can become strangely addictive. Who would have thought that a kids game could be so addictive to adults as well? I'll never get to be one of the higher ranked people (I'm currently 32817) but it allows a few minutes of relaxation every so often when I'm bored.

EDIT: Got it down to just under 20,000. Wonder where I'll be back up to when I go there again? It is noticably slower now to reduce the rankings than it was at 30,000.

"Houston, we've had a problem."


A sweet little interactive flash - Cube by Taku Inoue.
A Cube from outer space lands in a field. By clicking on various objects you can progress the story. Items that are not ready to be clicked have cute little animations as well.


ANTS or Autonomous NanoTechnology Swarm looks like a very cool technology with many applications in space travel. NASA Goddard's site on the subject may not look the slickest site you've seeen on the web but the technologies they are investigating are exciting to those interested in the exploration of our solar system.

Air Guitar

New Scientist is reporting on the patenting of a game controller that should allow game usages such as air guitar. I can think of a few people that would benefit from this invention in the quiet of their own homes, away from any prying eyes to cause embarrrassment...

50% Grey

I'm not sure if I find 50% Grey disturbing or not. I'm not someone who believes in any of the mainstream gods or traditional relegion as such so the ideas portrayed in this short animation set off a weird 'is this disturbing or not' effect inside.

Warning spoilers below.

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