Grizelda and Mab

I've made a few pumpkins and a ghost so decided to try a witch. Here are my second and third attempts.
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Glass twists

I've been having fun making all sorts of twists, different sizes, shapes and colours. I'm not sure what I'll do with them but I've had fun. I've also used up some of my many bits of scrap stained glass.
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Technically this is a bead but is in fact a small vessel as the body of it is hollow and will hold aromatic oils. It becomes hollow by blowing through a small bore 6mm blow pipe to expand the glass and then handles etc are added while praying that the rest will not crack while doing so.
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Red Cat

I've made a red cat now. At least the eyes are better.
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A few beads

I've not made many beads lately but have made just a few to keep my hand in as it were. The top left is a vessel and the two bottom beads are made on curved mandrels. I foolishly decided to enter a cat bead swop on the Frit Happens Forum where you send a few beads to a coordinator who then send you the same number back from other participants. Can you see which three are meant to be cat beads?

Biking Total

After a prompting in a comment....

Week three and I'm been surprisingly good with the cycling what with still riding to work in the rain (I was rather wet yesterday). Total miles is around 74. This weekend I'll submit my last piece of coursework and all that's left of my dissertation is some minor grammar and typographical changes before submitting it to the company system to approve it, before submitting it to the university. So I should have more free time after this weekend. I need to start to ride other places rather than just to and from work...

Challenge 1: Week 3 of cycling.Challenge 1: Week 3 of cycling.

Biking Total

So one week in with my new bike and I've ridden 28 miles. Might not be much but it's better than nothing. Here's looking at another 20 odd miles next week.

Challenge 1: Week 1 of the first challenge I set myself.Challenge 1: Week 1 of the first challenge I set myself.

Chain Mail Jewellery with Rubber O Rings

I’ve just bought the book “Link It” by Susan C. Thomas and it contains projects using both rubber and aluminium rings. Purple Moon Beads sells the aluminium jump rings but I’m not too keen as the colour coating comes off very easily. One of the projects I’d quite like to try uses 1.6mm wire with a 10mm ID. I’ve made a sample using some of my own 1.0mm and 10mm ID (internal diameter) for quickness and it’s clear that the 1.0mm rings and not sturdy enough to withstand the forces on them so I've ordered some brass and copper rings from The Dragonfly Company.

Copper ring

I made this ring froma tutorial by Donna Spadafore and presented by the website.
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He tried a short cut

Just in case you are feeling homesick Kat, it's never a dull moment on Canvey.
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It seems he failed to take the bend, overcorrected and clipped the corner of the garden fence on our side of the road before trying to cross the beck. Makes a change from all the accidents on the roundabout outside our house.

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