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And I'm on the Floor

An odd thing happened to me this morning. I woke up at around 04:30 needing the bathroom so I turned on the bedside lamp and moved to stand up and get out of bed. The next thing I know I'm sprawled partially on the floor having had my leg just kind of collapse out from under me for no apparent reason.

Can I add images easily?


This is a test of the image_assist module to see how it works and whether it will break my layout if I don't resize the image and make it small.

Woohoo, it doesn't!

This spider was nestled in the gap between the edge of my window and the window frame. Actual size is about an inch long.

Pinging Sites?

Hopefully, this site should now be pinging a few of the blog aggregators. I've taken the plunge and decided to start opening this up a bit more for other people to read (if they wish).

It's not really important to me at the moment - I've managed to go about 5 weeks with only really me knowing about the existence of the site so at the moment I'm not too bothered. It's not like I update everyday. Personally I can't be bothered unless it's something even vaguely important to me. Random quizes of the moment have never really interested me all that much. Maybe in a few weeks time I'll be one of those people that measure their worth on how many people have commented on their ramblings ;-) Personally I don't think what I have to say is that important!

Update didn't work :-(

I've singularly failed to manage to upgrade the site from Drupal 4.5.2 to 4.6. After dropping the database, reloading it, faffing with files, dropping the database a couple of times more and having it screw up time and time again I finally gave up for now and reloaded everything that was up before.

I have no clue why it didn't work as the update script seemed to work but never mind :-(

Not as well as it could have maybe

Well the interview went OK. Not as good as it could have as there were facility specific questions that I didn't really know the answer to. I tried to compromise by talking about how I would have answered the question for the Bristol site but I'm not sure whether they found this acceptable or not. I did manage to get a tour around the facility though and my interview did take slightly longer than the requisite half hour so maybe that points to it going better than I think.

Interview Tomorrow

I have a job interview tomorrow up in Derby so wish me luck!


My friends site, davidjaymz.com is going through a redesign. It used to be his personal blog but now it looks like he's putting up a new project to do with rock gig photos. It's meant to go live on May 1st and I'm excited to see what he has done.

I must remember to check back in May :-)


Found this link on another board for wondir.com. It's one of these sites where people can ask questions and anyone can respond. I wasted a few hours there early this morning and it can become quite addictive if you let it.

What a Week!

Whoa! What a week! Thank god it's over although next week promises to be more of the same. This week I have been offered a job, called to interview for another, finished up working for the department I was as of two hours ago working for and briefed the person who is taking over from me as to the in's and outs of 'my baby'.


I've been playing Whizzball from Discovery Kids off and on for a while now. It can become strangely addictive. Who would have thought that a kids game could be so addictive to adults as well? I'll never get to be one of the higher ranked people (I'm currently 32817) but it allows a few minutes of relaxation every so often when I'm bored.

EDIT: Got it down to just under 20,000. Wonder where I'll be back up to when I go there again? It is noticably slower now to reduce the rankings than it was at 30,000.

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