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A sweet little interactive flash - Cube by Taku Inoue.
A Cube from outer space lands in a field. By clicking on various objects you can progress the story. Items that are not ready to be clicked have cute little animations as well.


ANTS or Autonomous NanoTechnology Swarm looks like a very cool technology with many applications in space travel. NASA Goddard's site on the subject may not look the slickest site you've seeen on the web but the technologies they are investigating are exciting to those interested in the exploration of our solar system.

Air Guitar

New Scientist is reporting on the patenting of a game controller that should allow game usages such as air guitar. I can think of a few people that would benefit from this invention in the quiet of their own homes, away from any prying eyes to cause embarrrassment...

50% Grey

I'm not sure if I find 50% Grey disturbing or not. I'm not someone who believes in any of the mainstream gods or traditional relegion as such so the ideas portrayed in this short animation set off a weird 'is this disturbing or not' effect inside.

Warning spoilers below.

(Mostly) Aeronautical Oops

Interesting images of mostly aeronautical related mishaps.


There are three works on nanhiro.com, 1 unfinished short and 2 puzzle flashes. Of the puzzle flashes I thought 'Treasure Box' was the most difficult and more pleasing than 'TCB Museum'.

Link found from worth1000.com.

Chain Reaction

This flash game is very simple and reminds me of the 'life' games that you often find hanging around in assorted scientists webs. It is exceedingly simple in that if the conditions are right (different tiles lines are connected) it will continue going.

'More' Short Film

This has probably been around for ages but it's the first time that I have see it. It's a animated short from Despair.com and it deals with a world where everything is boring, bland and unchanging. You can watch the movie in Quicktime or Windows Media Player and also preview some of the special features that are contained on the DVD version. It's well worth checking out.

Mammoth Image Session

Well I've got a lot of images done. I tend to only have either origninal psd's or jpg's straight from the camera saved so each one has to be shrunk, have any editing it needs and then saved ready for upload. I'm not too sure about putting images up on websites. I know that I want to show off my work but at such smal sizes and poor quality jpg's they never look as good. And if you put the big, good quality images up there's no way you can protect them at all from people who think anything that is on the web has no copyrights or usage restrictions on it.

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