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Heat Output of People

As part of my work at the moment I am trying to model the heat/power input into a building. This required me to assess the heat/power input from the various people that will inhabit the building. I think the answer is pretty cool so I've included it here...

Bob Ricci

I found this link from the She Blocked Me flash and have been listening to the music ever since. The songs are 'alternate lyric' cover versions of various famous songs. What I like about this site is that the music quality that it streams is very good and the songs are pretty catchy in their alternate form. Altogether I'm pretty impressed.

Images on Site

I've given up on getting ImageMagick to install without SSH. I'll just use GD as it's a global install with my host.

I now need to organise all my photos and images into a form that will allow uploading to the site. It's a job I'm not looking forward to even though I have very few images.


I can't get the bloody image to upload and display properly! Will have to leave it for a bit to see if taking a break gives my brain a chance to reboot.

Hmm, how do I install Imagemagick without SSH access?


I wasn't exactly sure how I was going to get fanfic to work in this thing. Admittedly it's a bit labour intensive as it really would work a lot better if there were a specific module for it or a nice bit of php but since I'm better described as a 'script kiddie' rather than a 'coder' I'm happy for now.

Taking the Plunge...

I finally bit the bullet and upgraded my hosting from webforwarding to something with site space attached to it. I did it chiefly because I enjoy playing with different web stuff and having a hosting package that is configured correctly as opposed to one that is running off my local machine makes troubleshooting errors a lot easier. I doubt there will be much here and even this may get sacrificed for a different set-up but at least for a while this may be around.

We'll see....

test blog entry

this is a test to see what happens

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