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The Chillcast

The Chillcast by Anji Bee is exactly what is sounds like - a podcast of chillout music that you can also listen to online. I listened quite a lot at the weekend and tonight it's served me well while doing coursework. With around 2 years worth of material on site there's a nicely large amount available. I definitely recommend it.

Website Update - Images not working...AGAIN!

OK - I took the plunge tonight to upgrade the site code since the new version of Drupal is slowly making it's way to 'release' and hence the version I was running would not longer be supported security-wise. Images, just like on the last upgrade, are pretty broken at the moment but it's late, I'm tired and it's unlikely that I'll be able to make sense of any more information regarding fixes tonight. I've therefore turned the site back online to let it loose on the world. Images that are not displaying should gradually start to re-appear in the image galleries (see the link in the top right of the screen) but you'll probably find that most images inside blog posts no longer display (sigh!). I'll try and get this fixed as soon as possible. You can still post images but you'll need to post them straight to the front page at the moment as you won't get them inserted into blog post properly at the moment.

Please don't be put off - please just check out the image galleries. Kat.

More Farms from a Balloon

Another picture of farms from the air taken from a Balloon! Obviously taken hand held. It was a misty morning hence the haze which was a shame.

British International Motor Show 2006

I've been sorting out some of my older photos. Below is a handheld panoramic photo taken at the British International Motor Show in 2006. I think I managed to fix all the 'half people' but if you find someone who's cut off let me know? :-) The panorama is 3x1 images.

Light Tent and Howl's

It was my birthday recently and my mum bought me an EZcube light tent. I decided to have a play with it today.

Call of Duty 4

Call of Duty 4 - visuals are very nice and the storyline is very engaging but the game just isn't long enough! Finished it today on 'regular' level in 12 hours. I'm not exactly the queen on FPSs so I guess that means that the game is way too short.

Rubbish Day

Things seem to be going wrong today.

I recently had a minor ant infestation in my flat which I thought I had got rid of but today I noticed that they'd come back so I had to spend a couple of hours trying to get rid off them again.

My Creative MP3 player crashed during a file transfer and once I had manually reset it and connected it back to my computer the driver no longer works and therfore the player is not recognised by the computer.

As part of the reset the music library on my MP3 player had to be recompiled by the player. After recompiling, the library seems corrupted in that although it seems to had all the required information about what tracks and albums are loaded it doesn't seem to be tranferring this information between all modes that the player goes through. this mean that for example when you are playing an a track from an album when you try and scroll to see the other tracks inside the album they just all show up as blank.

St. Peter's Church Window

While I was out walking yesterday I came across St. Peter's Church in Dyrham. Unusually for a church this one was open so you could go inside. It's probably because it's so close to Dyrham House. There was a stained glass window opposite the alter which, while not particulary impressive, I thought I could use to improve my technique of shooting panoramic shots of stained glass windows. Unfortunately, I had to set up quite close underneath the window to avoid a light fixture that was hanging right in front of the window. This has given the panel a bit of an extreme viewpoint. In addition, I felt I couldn't get a good enough angle on the windows that sit above the ones pictured below so I've missed those out. Overall, I feel this was more of a success than the last one that I took with this method. It does however show how important cleaning the windows before photographing them is!

River Boyd

Below is a panorama that doesn't look like a panorama! It's a 3x3 image with two exposures blended together. It's the River Boyd in Bitton, taken from a small road bridge which crosses it. It was a good place to stop, sit down, have a drink and rest for a bit. Taking the photos meant I had an excuse not to have to pick up all my gear again and carry on! ;-)

English Village from the Air

This is another hand held panoramic shot taken from when I took my balloon ride. It's annoying blurry like the other two but when reduced in aize it looks a lot sharper.

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