Bright! (Theme Change)

I had to change the theme as it was seriously broken in IE7. I can't be bothered to try to fix it / sort it at the moment so I'll leave it on this one for a while. I'll think about updating it when I don't ahve loads of coursework to do and an exam to prepare for.

This theme is seriously bright just might be too bright...


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IE7! *shakes fist*

Ah yes the joys of IE7!

We (web designers/coders) have to hack our sites to work in IE6 and then rather than becoming standards compliant with IE7 Microsoft fix the bugs that we hack for in IE6 so that in IE7 our site look shite and then to top it all off they post dev blogs posts suggesting how web coders should prepare their sites for IE7. I don't think Microsoft thought about the end user in any of this. Until I have the time to fix it I think my "Use Firefox" suggestions are just gonna get bigger and more strongly worded.

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Mine actually wasn't too bad

Mine actually wasn't too bad - there was just a large amount of white space under the 'body' area of the page. It meant that anyone on a smaller screen than mine would probably not have seen the main body text as it had dropped off the page. Unfortunatley it seems that your Photography of Rock site has suffered very badly with the changeover. Like you, I will wait to investigate a better theme.

While IE7 seems to play badly with site theming it does seem to be managing streaming video better than my Firefox at the moment. We'll see what happens when I try to use my online resources for my coursework... 8-| Might need to re-install IE6 just to use them...

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Good luck in installing IE6

Good luck in installing IE6 again. I don't think its an easy process.

I'll maybe get round to looking at PoR and why IE7 does it over so badly this weekend.

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I gave in

It was just too damn ugly....mono will be the way to go for now methinks...It's about the best of the bunch I currently have installed.

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I like the mono. :-)

I like the mono. :-)

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Spring Green

I liked the green, it was cheerful. I don't like this mono version, but you can't please everyone. You know I like bright colours whereas you seem to prefer blacks and beige.Perhaps its a function of age. When I was much younger, I wore lots of blue.
We're back from NZ but the flights through Los Angeles were horrendous. Despite the fact that we were in transit and not technically on US soil, we were fingerprinted and had our photos taken each way, home and back.We and the other 400 or so on the plane queued for this for the whole 90 minutes we had as the stopover, plus the weather was so hot they had to keep coming round with drinks of cold water to keep us standing upright. So folks, don't fly via USA airports. Last year's stopover at Changi Airport in Singapore was great. They even had a fish pond with Koi carp in it in the central area and displays of orchids. you could wander round and really feel that you were having a break in the flight for a few hours.
The flight out took us 40 hours door to door because all the border controls entering NZ took so long that about 50 of us missed our flights to Christchurch from Auckland, so on the trip to the Domestic terminal by bus, we all had to take both our hand luggage and cargo luggage instead of it going through automatically.That's enough of my tale of woe. When I'm more organised, I'll post some pictures, including some I took when we landed on a glacier on a helicopter flight before the weather closed in.
I brought Matt home an obligatory piece of lava rock by the way.