Chain Mail Jewellery with Rubber O Rings

I’ve just bought the book “Link It” by Susan C. Thomas and it contains projects using both rubber and aluminium rings. Purple Moon Beads sells the aluminium jump rings but I’m not too keen as the colour coating comes off very easily. One of the projects I’d quite like to try uses 1.6mm wire with a 10mm ID. I’ve made a sample using some of my own 1.0mm and 10mm ID (internal diameter) for quickness and it’s clear that the 1.0mm rings and not sturdy enough to withstand the forces on them so I've ordered some brass and copper rings from The Dragonfly Company.
Here's a picture of the samples I've made.
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One of the benefits of incorporating rubber O rings is that they have "give" so a clasp is sometimes not required. I'm going to try a bracelet but am not sure of the colours of the O rings I'll use yet.


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chainne mail

been reading your blog, can you please tell me where you get your rubber rings from
trying to make the stretchy european bracelet please help

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Rubber O Rings

Try or try Googling rubber O rings. sell them too.