Clifton Suspension Bridge

After the challenge was set by Dave and Pat I resolved to do something creative with my spoilt photographs. Under the read more link is the result.

If you use Firefox you may have to first zoom out of the image.

Original size = 4945px x 3092px


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I like that but, you haven't said how you achieved this result. Did it take you long to come up with the picture. It looks a good technique to use for something like picture postcards. I presume you photoshopped the sky and some of the surrounding countryside because I can see the brushmarks but that makes the photo look more like a traditional watercolour rather than a photo. On the whole, eleven out of ten for the result anyway.
If it didn't take too long to do, try the technique on another of your photos, possibly a portrait one and see how it comes out.

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Combination of things

The only filter I used was the 'find edges' filter which gave the black pencil lines that you can see. I then used a combination of the art history brush and a lot of manual painting work to give it a watercolour painted look rather than a photographic look. It was odd because mostly I was removing detail as it was too photo-like so my poor painting skills were an asset!

This is mostly the 'watercolour loaded flat tip', 'wet sponge' and 'rough round bristle' brushes and a lot of painting. It took an evenings work. The original panorama was 3 portrait sized photos.

The basic evolution of the image is shown below. Once again, if you're in Firefox you may need to first zoom out of the picture.

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Knew you could make

Knew you could make something out of it... Looks good, although the line between the cliffs and the water on the RHS is a bit harsh // Photography of Rock