Flame Off 2010

We Lampworkers (i.e. people who make glass beads)in UK have just had our annual meet up at Towcester Racecourse. The get together is a two day event for lampworkers with a further day for seed beaders.Traders attend, there are demos and torch tables with a variety of torches set up for people to try. Among the demo artists this year were Sharon Peters and Theresa LaLiberte with our own Di East and Lorna Prime. Di showed us how she fumes in silver and gold while Lorna did intricate patterns with hair thin stringer.A good time was had by all. You can find pictures of some of the proceedings below
although a lot are of friends busily chatting and huddling around the "Bead Swap" proceedings. You can see pictures of the event here.
Flame Off pictures


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I see you!

Cool. I took a look through all the pictures and it looked like a good event. I caught you in a couple of pictures and Dad in one of them. When will you get your pictures up? You going to upload them to Flikr as well?

Kat x.

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Photos of Flame Off

You can see the few photos I took at Flickr

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Not many photos but some good ones. Just a question for you - have you turned off the autofocus switch as the EXIF data for the photos is reading it as not being on (I had a look to see if you were using the kit lens I gave you with it or if you'd invested in a 'new' second hand lens).

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I haven't consciously turned off the autofocus switch and I still have the kit lens you gave me on the camera. If the autofocus switch is the one with AF/MF on the lens, then it's still on AF. There are a couple of reasons for the few photos. At one point I forgot to turn the camera to OFF and the battery ran out. The other is that demos were on all day and I didn't want to miss any of them. The second day I switched batteries and recharged the Friday one as I had remembered to take the recharger with me. Just a senior moment. Expect more as the years flow by.I'm up early by the way as Bill has to be at the vet at 8.30am for an all day session checking his blood glucose levels throughout the day. I expect to have to collect him at 18.00hrs. He led Matt a bit of a dance while we were away and refused to have his injections for a couple of days.