View over Stancombe

I've been messing about stithing and playing with the photos I took over this weeked while my friend Dave was visiting. The first day that we went out the weather wasn't that great with us only just missing getting a thorough soaking from the rain. As the panorama photos that I took are not really the cheery beautiful sunny kind I decided to have a play and do something different. To broaden my Photoshop knowledge I decided to have a go at using the 'luminosity masks' as discussed in an online tutorial by Tony Kuyper which is a similar effect as I usually obtain by hand blending different stitched exposures of a panorama. It seems to be a useful system and is something that I'll try again as hand blending takes up a lot of time, even if it gives you enormous control of what the final look of the picture is.

Incidently, if anyone else is struggling to get an image to print relatively normally compared to their colour managed monitor on an Epson R800 I found that for this picture at least, I get a more appropriate print if I let the printer manage the colours rather than Photoshop.