Coromandel to Orewa

Here we are at Orewa after travelling through Auckland as quickly as possible. We left Coromandel at 8.30am this morning because we had continuous rain and heavy winds for at least 14 hours non-stop. We took the scenic route here which involved about 40 km of winding roads going up and down hill and having to drop the speed to 25 km/h at most of the hairpin bends. We could see the sea, through the rain... who said the North Island was sunnier than the South!
We haven't taken as many photos here in the North Island mainly because there don't seem to be as many attractions, but I have a rather fetching one of John without his shoes and socks having to paddle to the electricity point to unhook the campervan before we took off this morning.
We hope to go up to the Bay of Islands in the next few days and then we have to be back in Auckland on Thursday to catch the flight 1am Friday morning. Have taken lots of photos of rocks for Matt so we expect a full explanation when we get home, not the usual, " grunt of "bit of granit init"".
Have just has seafood penne for lunch at 2pm and john had the usual fish and chips. We're off to the beach now to collect some more shells and explore.
More later


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Sorry to hear about your bad weather. We had snow here in Bristol this week although it was only a small amount. It did settle for a while though so it was cool. Made everything look all Christmassy.

I'm looking forward to seeing all your photos when you come back.