Photography Prompt List (June 2007)

This is a holder page for a photo-prompt list for the month of June for my friend David, and myself. It will hopefully eventually be a place where you can see our entry thumbnails in the table below. I shall not put this on the front page until there is at least one entry in the table. The idea is that this will help promote more taking of photos on both our parts and be a learning opportunity. We've started small as we're both new at this challenge prompt thing.

Waiting for David's Entry
Keys: From KatKeys: From Kat
Fold: From DavidFold: From David
Waiting for Kat's Entry
Round: From DavidRound: From David
Round: From KatRound: From Kat
Large: From DavidLarge: From David
Waiting for Kat's Entry>
Waiting for David's Entry
Fake: From KatFake: From Kat
Front Page:
Waiting for David's Entry
Waiting for Kat's Entry
The Number 9:
Waiting for David's Entry
The Number 9: From KatThe Number 9: From Kat


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davidjaymz's picture

how do i see the big version

how do i see the big version of your/our images?

kat's picture

Not with this one

I actually only uploaded the size it opens up in....You'll have to wait for me to upload a bigger version if you want to see it bigger... :-)

kat's picture


OK I've uploaded a big version. Now if you click on the thumbnail it should take you to the image's page. If you want to see the super huge version click 'original'.

kat's picture


I like your face image. The perspective makes the nose look really big though! ;-)

davidjaymz's picture

The perspective makes the

The perspective makes the nose look really big though!

Don't you mean LARGE?

kat's picture


You forgot the obligatory drum-cymbal finish!

Pat from Canvey's picture

Only 6 days left

There's still an awfull lot of "Waiting for" there and only 6 days till the end of the month. Has the enthusiasm worn off?

kat's picture


No the enthusiam hasn't worn off. They're just really hard words to come up with something creative on. 8-0

kat's picture


Only 3 more to go now for me thankfully! I have no clue what to do or any sort of concept for 'front page'....