River Boyd

Below is a panorama that doesn't look like a panorama! It's a 3x3 image with two exposures blended together. It's the River Boyd in Bitton, taken from a small road bridge which crosses it. It was a good place to stop, sit down, have a drink and rest for a bit. Taking the photos meant I had an excuse not to have to pick up all my gear again and carry on! ;-)

(If you are using Firefox you may need to first 'zoom out' of the image in order to see it properly.)


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Pat from Canvey's picture


I think this picture is great. Now all I want is the sound of the water running and I could watch it for ages. I'm feeling particularly stressed as I'm trying to set up the new hard drive with all the NECESSARY programs.
P.S. Does anyone know why registration keys no longer work when trying to reinstall games legitimately purchased. We've religiously saved these keys, particularly games that have been bought online and now find the keys are not being accepted. One company I contacted sent me a new key that worked OK but do I have to do the same for every online game purchased? We were even asked what the last four numbers of the credit card were that was used for payment. As DH has about 20 cards and doesn't seem to have any rhyme or reason why he uses a particular one, this caused quite a few tries imputting last four numbers of nearly all the cards. I, of course being logical only use one card for purchases of this sort but hey ho, thats men for you!

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The only reason I can think of it that somehow the registration code was linked to a particular Windows install. Maybe it was generated from it? Now your Windows install has changed that might be why the code no longer works. I think you might have to resign yourself to having to get new keys for everything :-(