St. Peter's Church Window

While I was out walking yesterday I came across St. Peter's Church in Dyrham. Unusually for a church this one was open so you could go inside. It's probably because it's so close to Dyrham House. There was a stained glass window opposite the alter which, while not particulary impressive, I thought I could use to improve my technique of shooting panoramic shots of stained glass windows. Unfortunately, I had to set up quite close underneath the window to avoid a light fixture that was hanging right in front of the window. This has given the panel a bit of an extreme viewpoint. In addition, I felt I couldn't get a good enough angle on the windows that sit above the ones pictured below so I've missed those out. Overall, I feel this was more of a success than the last one that I took with this method. It does however show how important cleaning the windows before photographing them is!


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Church window

Now that is better than most professionals would manage. You're getting too good at this. What were you doing in Durham by the way?

Re the computer, I've also taken the hard drive out of the old, old computer and put it into an exterior case.I might as well make use of the extra 200GB it adds to my storage, plus I can troll through whats left on the drive, ( it's all still accessible) to see if Edd left anyting on there we could play or use when he was configuring the one before last new computer. Hey, we've rediscovered "Brickshooter" which still runs on what has now become my O drive. Highest score so far just over 10,500. I'm nipping out to look at the temperature of the kiln. I put in a batch of beads to anneal yesterday and should be able to take them out this morning. The latest ones are heart beads and large bicones made with two presses bought from . It was a bit much having to pay just over £21 in VAT though before Royal Mail would deliver. Will post some pictures when I get around to it using my second hand copy stand with lighting arms and lamps bought from a local charity shop for £20.

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Why Dyrham

I was walking a section of the Cotswold Way and the church is just off to one side of it :-)

I just realised that I spelt Dyrham wrong - that may have given you a false impression as to where I was! I've corrected it in the post as well...

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Limits of panorama program

Just had a thought when reading your comment again. Would it be possible to take a shot of the window including the light fixture so that the angle was OK, then taking a shot of the bit of window which the light fixture was obscuring. Adjusting the size and pasting or would the angles be all wrong. The viewing angle could be adjusted in Photoshop I suppose? It would involve a lot of work but you might try it sometime on a much smaller project. Or is my lateral thinking completely off the wall?

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I think so

I think you could - as you say it would probably involve a lot of work. If you were doing it as part of a comission then I guess you'd just move the light fixture out of the way. I normally try and take these types of photos quickly as I don't want to be in the way / cause a nuisance to others that are in the vicinity. I had to stand almost right in front of the door for this one so I tried not to hang around.