Definition of Sheer Terror....

.....Cleaning the sensor of your camera in preparation for an amazing photo and life opportunity, accidently dropping a big blob of wet cleaning solution onto the sensor and watching it leave a big mark.

Examining the resultant photos from the camera and seeing a huge smear mark all along the longest edge of the picture.

Trying to clean it with a swab and seeing the circular type mark turn into a long smear.

Spending the next hour carefully erasing the mark using a 'speckgrabber', the tool that dumped the rogue cleaning solution from a crevice that hadn't emptied fully of solution after cleaning it.

Moral of the story: don't just check the Speckgrabber twice that it's dry before sticking it on the sensor - check a third time!

Irony of the story: the two dust specs that I was trying to clean off before 'the incident' are still present! After having my heart in my throat for so long - I think I can live with the cloning task on this weekend's photos.