Door Fiasco

It's been a weird day today. I was expecting a hard day at work due to various problems and fully expected to get shouted at over something that isn't really my fault but that I now have responsibility for. Instead there was no shouting but a lot of embarrassment.

I was walking back into the office after wandering off to talk to someone about some work they are doing for me when, pushing on the connecting fire door, the door suddenly seemed to diappear and I ended up on the floor feeling slightly shocked! It seems that the hinge at the top of the door had given way and the lower hinge wasn't strong enough to hold it in place. The door couldn't have fallen more comically, tipping straight over so that the flat of the door hit the floor all in one go. There was an almighty bang and concious of the fact that there was a glass panel in the door I twisted as I fell as I was worried that the glass would shatter and I'd get caught up in it. Everyone of course turned to look and I'm sure that my face must have been beetroot in colour due to the intense embarrassment. Fortunately the only things hurt were a brusied and skinned knee and my pride.

If it had been a guy it had happened to it would have been different. They'd have played it as if they were "so hard - the door never stood a chance" but as a female it's completely the opposite. I had the mickey taken out of me the rest of the day. Mostly saying that the door had "annoyed me" and that you "wouldn't like me when I was angry". I even had one guy come and ask me for an arm wrestling competition. Hopefully by Monday it'll be further from peoples concious minds but it's dented the image of 'sophisticated female' rather than 'not easily phased tomboy' that I always try hard to project in the hopes that other people will believe the former and not be put off by the latter.


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Mama's Pet Cry

If you want to look like a sophisticated female grow your hair, wear it up and put on a low cut dress, preferably one that complements your skin tones. That should go down a treat in your all male office!

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haha... awh poor kat... At least you weren't hurt too much, then you'd have been beaten up by a door. // Photography of Rock

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It's good to hear how sympathetic you are....