Door Panels

This time last year, I decided to pay a carpenter to replace six of my inner doors so that I could make stained glass panels for each room. The outside of the house has UPVC double glazed units so no opportunity for me there to add panels. I love colour hence what some may think are garish colours in some of the panels suit me and DH lets me decorate with whatever colours I like. The panels for the six doors follow. In some cases the glass colours have had to be sacrificed in order to get a clearer photo and most were taken with a white sheet suspended behind the door a little way.

Bird Panel
I'd always been intrigued by this design which in some way reminded me of an Egyptian motif on a tomb. I liked the flowing lines and the many colours I could use.

Flowery Panel
This panel was made using a variant of a design from the Paned Expressions Studio. As with the bird panel above, I used copper foil and agonised over what colours and textures of glass to use. I knew I wanted greens but used a pale beige Muffle for the cross bars.I also used a green fractures and streamers for the inner background despite it being slightly more difficult to cut, for me anyway.

Bathroom Door
I had accumulated lots of bits of red glass and wanted to use them up so this design appealed to me. Quite why I thought flames suitable for a bathroom, I don't know but it seems to work and I did use a lot of my odd reds.

Geometric Panel
This is another variant of a Frank Lloyd Wright design used for a boys room. The long thin strips were difficult particularly on the purple Spectrum water glass, but I managed in the end despite much aggravation. This panel was leaded.

Lounge Door
This was the first door I completed. I wanted a simple design as a back door is directly opposite with clear glass in 9 small panes leading into the garden. The glass is all Spectrum water glass and most of it was left over from another panel. This panel was leaded too.

Book Room
This panel was made for a fourth bedroom door. My husband is an inveterate collector of books, so this is a bookroom rather than a bedroom. The design was an original I made a few years ago for a commission modified to fit small thin panels. I wanted a bit more colour so added the semicircles and cross pieces in yellow. Again this is a leaded design.


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Door Panels

A great vartiety for your location showning lots of innovation. Above all a large quanity of patience spread over a long interval. Your family should really love the upgrade to the decoration of the home.