A few beads

I've not made many beads lately but have made just a few to keep my hand in as it were. The top left is a vessel and the two bottom beads are made on curved mandrels. I foolishly decided to enter a cat bead swop on the Frit Happens Forum where you send a few beads to a coordinator who then send you the same number back from other participants. Can you see which three are meant to be cat beads?
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Orange, grey and

Orange, grey and 'disembodied head'? Which one did you make first? The grey one is really good!

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I daren't show the first ones, they look a bit like mice. The grey is the first of this group but has a duff tail while the orange one has a great tail. Almost all the FH members taking part in this swop have been having problems with getting it just right except Keiara Wells who makes fabulous cats for sale on Etsy. See her cats at http://www.bykeiara.co.uk/ I bought a black cat from her to keep the memory of my dear cat Nick alive. The disembodied head one was meant to nod but I put too many close wraps in the wire.