Fish swap

I am a member of a Forum for mostly British Lampworkers, i.e. people who make handmade glass beads with a propane torch and oxygen. We sometimes have swaps, a bit like the Secret Santa swaps held at Christmas. We are now having a fishy bead swap with some of us buying an E Tutorial by Cathy Lybarger of Aardvarkartglass. You can find her Etsy store here
and my pictures of the fish I've made so far are below
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One member of the Forum will collect the fish beads from all participants, together with a self addressed envelope suitably padded. If you send in 5 fish beads, you will get 5 back and so on. I haven't decided yet how many I will send in because having spent so long making the things, it's a bit difficult to part with them, (except for cash of course).


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Hey those look great, well

Hey those look great, well done - although the middle black one is making me uncomfortable, looking at me and smiling like that haha

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great fish

Those are some fun fish, and the swap idea sounds like a lot of fun, you could really find some unique ones and get ideas from others that way.