Five Flowers

Spring has sprung and I've made a few flowers with my new press.
Five FlowersFive Flowers
I intend to make a set of the same colour and intersperse the flowers with glass leaves. These flowers were just to see how the new press behaved. I bought the press from Spheres of Glass
Some of the Canada Geese on Canvey Lake have started nesting,Nesting GooseNesting Goose
It's not a very good photo as I didn't have a tripod with me so couldn't zoom in as I would have liked. One or two of the male birds are honking when I pass by in the morning, chasing other birds away. They didn't do this in the winter so I suspected that they were starting to pair up again for Spring.
Next weekend I will be travelling to Reading to help my son move his things from Reading to Eastleigh, to his new flat. Guess who's going to be driving the rented van. Shouldn't be a problem though as it's the same size as the campervan I drove throughout NewZealand on our last holiday there.


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kat's picture

How Big?

How big are these? The flowers that is...

Pat from Canvey's picture

Size Matters

About 21mm.
After reading another tutorial about encasing floral beads, I finally got one that didn't have the petals swooshed all over the place.
3 petal flower3 petal flower
Encasing=covering the outside of the bead in clear glass.
Now to try a five petal flower and perhaps one day a rose?

kat's picture

Quite large then...

Quite large then. Are the ones in the picture that are encased a similar sort of size? That must be one huge bead!

Pat from Canvey's picture

Floral bead size

The flower bead is 27mm in diameter. One of the pair of nesting Canada Geese have hatched their goslings. They had 6 when I went past this morning and the Heron was there fishing too. Just my luck it was on a day I didn't have the camera with me. One of the female mallards had 2 ducklings with her. I'll take the camera tomorrow and see if they are still there and not been eaten by stray cats.