Glass Twisties

Twisties are used to decorate beads and can be simple or more complex ones of more than two colours. I've finally succeeded in making two good twisties thanks to a tutorial at Aussie Beadmakers.
If you click on the complex twistie link, it will get you to the tumbleweed site.
The first twistie is
Glass TwistiesGlass Twisties
Because the dark blue and black used were very similar colours,my second twistie was lavender, pale blue, pale green and black.
Second good twistieSecond good twistie
I now have to think how to use them to best decorate my beads.


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kat's picture

Like a stringer?

I like the blue and black one best. :-) So do you use the resultant twistie like a stringer?

Pat from Canvey's picture

Bead Decoration

Yes, but I think it looks better if it's not melted in but left proud of the bead. By the way, I've had better luck with making glass rings on the larger mandrels. All I have to do now is decide what to do with glass rings. Turn them into some form of earing or necklace? I'll post pictures of the rings when I get time. They are not kiln annealed yet.