Goddess Bead

I found a goddess bead tutorial by Sarah J Schalken and wanted to try it out. I was very nervous knowing my previous experiences with the fish fins breaking off, but went ahead when the house was free from distractions so I could concentrate on trying to remember all the steps needed to create the Goddess. Here are some pictures of my first try.She's a little twisted, but knowing this, I can try to rectify this at the next try.Goddess Bead: Front viewGoddess Bead: Front view
I ran out of space on the mandrel to put on a head so had to create a seperate bead for this and take a guess at the correct size so that it would be in proportion with the head. The body at that time was immersed in vermiculite to slow down the rate at which the glass cooled and prevent cracking, so I couldn't compare the two together.
Back viewBack view
The back view shows some errors which I'll try to correct in the next goddess.
Right sideRight side
I like this view. And the other side,
3/4 side view3/4 side view
The arm stub in this three quarter view is not quite correct and looks like a third booby, but by this time I was panicking thinking it was all going to melt appart before I could get it into the vermiculite to cool. I have to continually flash the whole bead through the flame every few seconds otherwise various bits will cool before others and lead to eventual cracks.


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Pat from Canvey's picture


I forgot to say she's 42mm and the head is an additional 12mm. At her widest, the arm stubs, she's 23mm.

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This looks like an awesome bead to make - if I had kool beadz skillz I'd want to have a go! ;-) This one is a good start and even though you're maybe not as happy with the twisted torso I think the look at the rear is quite good. It makes it look like she has some movement there. My one question though is...

Did you deliberately emphasise the breasts like that? lol ;-)

Pat from Canvey's picture

Orange dots

I didn't think I'd emphasised anything. I made the breasts a bit smaller than others I've seen which have been fuller and droopier. As to the orange, I got to the point where I needed to put in nipples and suddenly realised that my other colours that were COE compatible were not on the bench but under it in a box. Not willing to fiddle around with trying to keep the bead passing through the flame while feeling for a darker colour, I saw a piece of orange on the bench so I just used that. Next time, just for you, I'll make the breasts bigger!!! More planning ahead too. I just didn't have enough self belief to think that I'd get that far and still have a recognisable torso.

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Kat, if you have any time, can you untwist her bottom half from the top in Adobe CS. I no longer have Photoshop since the hard drive crashed in the summer. I would like to see what she looks like untwisted.

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Couple more photos?

Can you email me a photo of a straight on view of her breasts and a photo of a straight on view of her belly button and then I'll try and merge the two photos... send them as big as you like - it'll help with the merge.

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I'll get the photos in a few days time but a light bulb just went off in my brain and I may try a 2 photo merge using Panorama Studio. Did you notice the background to the goddess. It's the scarf you refused to knit last Christmas.