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I've been wanting to buy a new torch for a few months but had to buy a new computer instead at Christmas because the old one was slowly failing. It would work for about ten minutes, experience an error and tell me it had to shut itself down. As you can guess, this made transferring the data and programs a little problematic, even with the computer operating in safe mode. So buying the torch will have to wait till the end of February. It's not just the cost of the torch but all the ancillary stuff like an oxygen compressor that will allow me to work with a cleaner and hotter flame. I've been biding my time and doing some other things as well as making smaller beads as my tank of propane gas slowly runs out.
I finally got around to trying out this "4 in 1 vertebrae" from Wire Jewelry Magazine Vol 2, No.3 . The pattern is by Anne E Mitchell but the clasp is from another "How to" book. Her website is I think at Anne Mitchell.
Chain maille braceletChain maille bracelet
Every so often I try a heart shaped bead and have had some successes and some dismal failures when I change from the method used by Corinna Tettinger in her book "Passing the Flame". Here's one I did a few days ago; not a very pretty colour but the shape isn't so bad.
Heart shaped beadHeart shaped bead


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A Senior Moment in Posting

OK. Nearly got the posting correct. At least I have a link to a new page now. Click on a picture to get a larger view.