I've been beading again

I haven't posted pictures of beads I've made or of the seed beads for some time so here are a few now. I call these tentacle bracelets for obvious reasons. They look better on a wrist than flat being photographed.Original tentacle bracelet: I already has all these beads so didn't need to buy more for this experimentOriginal tentacle bracelet: I already has all these beads so didn't need to buy more for this experiment
The pink one was slightly different than expected. I did half of the second layer of tentacles with the red crystals and the other half small white discs.Pink tentacle braceletPink tentacle bracelet
Last Wednesday at the Anglia Bead Meeting in Colchester, we learnt a new stitch so I've been practicing with different colours and sizes of beads.The first picture is meant to be a series of butterflies, but I'm not very convinced.Butterfly bracelet toggle and claspButterfly bracelet toggle and clasp
The next two pictures I'm experimenting again and just produce samples to see if I like them.Sample of daisy with 12 petalsSample of daisy with 12 petals
These blue seed beads don't look like much but they are daisies.Blue daisy braceletBlue daisy bracelet
This picture is of a pendant made at the June meeting of the group. I've made matching earings and am wearing them at the moment.Blue swarovski pendantBlue swarovski pendant
This last picture is of a blue heart I've made and attached it to a rope of white and blue peyote stitch.
Blue heart necklaceBlue heart necklace
I tried to get a decent photo of it but because the heart is much thicker than the rope, it's difficult to get both in sharp focus.
I'm going to be starting to work with borosilicate glass for my lampwork beads so wish me luck.