Hiding in the Ivy

I'd just tumbled out of bed this morning when one of the cats alerted me to the fact that there was a visitor to my parents garden. Bill the cat made a growling noise which normally is associated with birds but this morning implied something much bigger. A fox was wandering across the shed roof looking for a way back to it's den. After being put off from going into the rear neighbours garden by their dog it settled down amonst the ivy growing on the fence wall. I managed to take the photo below using a different lens to normal that I am just getting used to.

Fox on Shed Roof: A garden fox atop my parents shed roof.Fox on Shed Roof: A garden fox atop my parents shed roof.

Soon after, the fox spooked and climbed down into another neighbours garden. I managed to catch another glimpse of it when it jumped back across and it looked healthy with a glossy coat so obviously there are rich pickings to be had around my parents house. Hopefully it'll be around again before I head back to Bristol and I can have another go at photographing it.