Here we are again. This is a small town on the west coast and we are in the internet part of a Chinese restaurant. We've come up SH6 via Te Anau and Wanaka, thence to the Fox Glacier where Dad forced me to trek up a very rough path to the head of the glacier. Lots of interesting geology and photos to follow once we get home.

We wanted to go on the helicopter trip - we'd booked the 40-minute one which covers two glaciers, Mt Cook and Mt Tasman, plus a landing on one glacier, which costs $325pp. Unfortunately the weather was against us and we could not fly. Better luck next visit...

Incidentally, tried to email Kat and Ed from Wanaka where we found a wifi place. However, when we hit send we got the dreaded 'page unavailable' screen, so I guess you may not have got the message. We'll try again if we find another place with wifi.

Going to eat now. Hope all is well.


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The Twenty Past Six O'clock News

News just in......... from our man in New Zealand John Smiths:

"Reports have been coming in of an alleged sighting of the two well known fugitives Anna and Cyrilov Piggott in Hokitika, NZ earlier this morning. Anna and Cyrilov, AKA Patricia and John, are members of an underground Canvey Island russian crime syndicate known only as the 'Sorting Office Six' who notoriously sorted vast amounts of mail on royal mail premises over the last year. Although appearances may be deceiving, Anna is thought to be the brains behind the operation while Cyrilov provides the front. British police so far have not managed to gather enough evidence to secure their imprisonment, and members of the public are urged to avoid at all costs these devilish vagabonds. Back to you in the studio Katherine"

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i got ur postcard by the way - an excellent choice! thats going up on the wall...........

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Me to!

I got my postcard today as well. I'm going to take mine into work and affix it to my monitor ;-)

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And Me...

I got my postcard too today. Both Nick and Bill seemed very interested in it when I showed it to them.

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More NZ

Posting as a comment as this machine won't let me log in.

We are now in Picton waiting to board the ferry to Wellington. The crossing will take 3 hours with lots of island views on the way. Glorious sunshine all day yesterday, Dad had to buy a hat. The day before we stopped at a place called Pancake Rocks, where there was lots of geology for Mat (photos threatened later) and a working blowhole! We got a bit wet... The 'pancakes' are formed of limestone and mudstone layers; the mudstone erodes first giving the impression of a stack of pancakes many metres tall.

Off now for a cup of tea and a cake before boarding the ferry; check-in in a hour's time (11.30 am local).

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I fixed your comment. In regards to the login I show 4 successful logins from Mum (with no logouts between them) but no attempts to login from Dad. Could be a cookie problem if you're on your laptop. Might need to make sure that you click logout when you exit rather than closing the window. Let me know how it goes and I'll continue to troubleshoot if need be. :-)

Sounds like you're having fun though (I'm jealous ;-)).