It's 10.50 here. We are in an internet cafe in Invercargill - so far we haven't found anywhere with wifi availability, however the laptop is still worth its weight in gold. We have 250 pictures saved so far, after four days. (We have also been playing pinball, before going to bed, together with something called Spider solitaire, which seems virtually insoluble apart from the trivial easy level.)

We've seen: Christchurch, which really is like you'd imagine an idealized version of Bournemouth; Timaru, an industrial town, where we stopped the first night after picking up the camper and heading south down the improbably empty State Highway 1. [The camper is easy to drive (apart from reverse, where you don't get as much practice) and all in all a very good choice -- we have a microwave, toilet, shower, cooker, double bed, enough storage space. Pictures will follow, no doubt at tedious length.]

The next day we drove down to Dunedin, by way of the Moeraki boulders (this is from memory, so the Maori placename spelling may be off). Continued later.


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Holiday (cont'd)

On the next day we took the scenic route from Dunedin to Invercargill through the Catlins Forest. The first thrill was filling up with fuel. 45 litres of diesel at $1.01/l. (S1NZ is about 40p, petrol is more expensive but still only about $1.40.)

A good stop at Jack's bay which we'd never heard of, and a hours' trek to Jack's Blowhole across some sheep fields. About 50 pictures taken. The sea was relatively calm so Jack wasn't blowing but the hole was worth seeing nevertheless -- it's a large hole in the ground about 55m deep, connected to the sea at the bottom via a 200m tunnel. After the walk we ate dinner and spent some time on the beautiful little beach on the bay, the sort of place you'd dream of finding in England, and which would inevitably be spoilt as commercial interests moved in. There was an honesty box at the foot of the blowhole trail asking for $1 each. We did the decent thing and paid up.

In the afternoon we continued southwest; at some stage the ocean changed from the Pacific to the Southern, so we have already encountered two new oceans. (Now need only the Arctic and Indian to complete the set.) Three waterfalls and lots more pictures, Dad has compiled two slide shows from some he took, be warned!

Off to do some necessary shopping now, please call this to Ed and Mat's attention.

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Mother let loose on the world

Kat brought to my attention the fact that you were blogging on the site, and i didnt even know you had left until edd had told me you were gone! No doubt i shall end up in New Zealand at some point in life, or its a possibility, so itll be nice for you to go into detail in this when im at home again and your back. Im also looking forward to the pictures, and your covering a lot of ground - certainly seems that way. Keep posting and give me some interesting geology!!!!!!! Mat

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Having Fun

Sounds like you're really enjoying yourself! I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures; New Zealand is such a beautiful place. Take care. Kat xxx.