Hung up on Flowers

Every so often I get the urge to make another flower and have been trying to improve my technique. This latest is better than previous but could still be improved.Another flowerAnother flower
I hadn't got any yellow opaque ready for the centre of the flower so used a transparent yellow/light amber instead. As you can see, the green underneath overwhelmes the lighter colour and makes it look more greeny. I'm currently trying to work out the easiest way of making differently shaped petals so that I can make something like a pansy or a tulip flower. I've always loved pansies, I think because when my parents and I moved out of my grandmother's house into a new Council owned flat with a balcony when I was seven years old, my mother planted pansies in the flower boxes.


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Getting Better

Your flowers are definitely getting better. It's a shame that the green overwhelms the yellow colour. Talking of coloured torch glass - I still owe you a Christmas present of whatever you want from one of your glass suppliers (Tuffnell?). Let me know what you want! Kat. x.