I've been playing with some of the photos from the photography weekend a couple of weeks ago. The first image out is a semi-collaborative effort between me and my friend Dave. I asked for him to model for me for a silhouette photo. He agreed and once he'd seen the results he wanted a go too. So to summarise, I took the picture of him, he took the picture of me. I'm entirely to blame for the Photoshop work. ;-)

Jump: Me and my friend Dave playing in the sun.  This is a semi-colaborative effort.  I took Dave's picture and did all the Photoshop work. Dave took my picture.Jump: Me and my friend Dave playing in the sun. This is a semi-colaborative effort. I took Dave's picture and did all the Photoshop work. Dave took my picture.


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Pat from Canvey's picture


In deciding which was which, I finally settled on two criteria, width of hips and size of feet!!!! I do like the photos as they made me laugh first thing in the morning. And the above was said tongue in cheek.

kat's picture


So come on then? Who did you finally settle on was who? ;-)

(I liked it as well - enough that I printed it!)

Pat from Canvey's picture


Kat on left, Dave on right, plus he jumped higher than you. But his feet looked more like flippers, but don't tell him I said so!! Why did you take your shoes off by the way?

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Cause we were on the 'beach' and paddling! We were stood on a flat area of stone...it looked like the area is made from hard flat layers of stone with softer layers of stone between. We were stood on a hard flat layer which angled down into the water. So no sand as such but the rock was nice to walk on.

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Did you purposely behead Dave or did he just dip more than you?

kat's picture

Jumping difference

I think he tried to jump high and as he did his head went down. I tried to jump as star shaped as possible so my butt stuck out ;-). I did take one where he had a visible head but I preferred his overall shape in this one.

Pat from Canvey's picture

Apologies to Dave

No comment needed

Jumping Part II
Here's my take on your picture with apologies to Dave. Not as good as your manipulations but I didn't want to spend a lot of time on it.

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Is that a dead frog? Dave's gonna get a complex....first you say he has big feet, then you say he looks like a frog?! ;-) He's photographing at Guilfest this weekend so won't see this conversation till he's back ;-).

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Yes, *of course* it's a dead frog. We've had it hanging around here for several weeks, ever since Pat found the mummified corpse on the drive. At first she left it on the doorstep, in all that rain we had last month. I think she was trying to reanimate it. Anyway, it didn't work, so it came inside to join all the other extraneous, dead things we happen to have - like those rabbit skulls you collected all those years ago.
Realistic, isn't it?
[Could't remember my name/password etc so I'm in as a guest.]