KAT Bracelet

Something for a special person. I may need to make it slightly smaller depending on the size of her wrist.
KAT BraceletKAT Bracelet


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Uh..... not sure how to respond to that....but..... thanks! :-)

(This is where you point out that you actually know two 'kats' and you were talking about the other one...)

Work is still manic and am trying to keep up with my dissertation but falling behind. Overtime is still a bind and I hate working at the weekend so late evenings at the office are usual for this year. It's a sorry state when it actually seems weird if you are home before 19:30 at night as there seems to be too much evening left. Tomorrow I have a workshop session for one of my modules as I failed one :-(. I got 48% and I needed 50% to pass. I was in good company though as it seems that at least half the people on the course failed it. I now have the delicate balancing act of doing just enough work to ensure I get an extra 3% of marks and no more (re-submitted coursework is capped at 50% so doing more work is just a waste of time). Apart from that (should take up around a couple of hours including travelling) I've taken the rest of the day off. Hopefully I can get the motivation to do some more dissertation work. I really need to.

Kat. xxx