Large Pink Cabochon

The pink cabochon whose picture I posted on 18 May cracked because of some compatibility problems with the two glasses used and the three layers in the fused piece. I wanted to replace it and finish the pendant and I've now done so.
Pink CabochonPink Cabochon
I've used the back of the piece as the front because the flower shapes turned into blobs on the other side. I cut a base of clear effetre sheet glass and cut my glass rods used for beadmaking into about 3mm pieces using rod nippers. Dipped the pieces into fusing glue and placed them on the clear base.
I managed to get the old cracked cabochon out of it's seed bead frame and ground the new one to size as it had increased slightly during fusing. After much heartache, I slipped the new cabochon into place in it's frame. It's large, 76mm x 66mm because I wanted to explore the limits of size for a cabochon. The bead toggle is 23 mm. That too is a large bead. The rope, toggle and bead together are about 58mm. The loop to secure the rope is in ladder stitch.
I've kept the category as Glass because there is fusing, seed beading and lampwork in this piece.