Severn Bridge at Severn Beach

Given that it tooke me about 26 miles of riding to get to the bridge I figured that once there I should really take a picture...

View over Stancombe

I've been messing about stithing and playing with the photos I took over this weeked while my friend Dave was visiting. The first day that we went out the weather wasn't that great with us only just missing getting a thorough soaking from the rain. As the panorama photos that I took are not really the cheery beautiful sunny kind I decided to have a play and do something different.

Rolls-Royce Families Day 2008

On the 14th of June, Roll-Royce had an open day. They tend to run one once every couple of years with Airbus on the same day for the families of employees to take a look around the site and see some displays (Airbus is located just over the road from Rolls-Royce in Bristol). This year was on odd one without Airbus to give families a look around the new site and the new buildings that have now been built as part of the site regeneration. I went along as it was too nice a day to stay inside and the displays can be interesting.

I tried taking some panoramic photos of the site while there and the image below is one of them. This building can be seen by the public from the A38 - the other main panoramic image I took is not visible from a public area so I won't be posting it.

Me and My Brother 'Posing' on a Bronze Age Mound

I've been sorting photos and stitching panoramas for most of today and yesterday. After admonisment that I hadn't posted anything for a long while I present you with an old panorama that me and my brother, Edd, took when I was visiting him in April 2007. We are overall quite small but that is a good thing as I look really fat in this picture! I'd tell you all about the mound we are sitting on but being honest, is the thing really interesting enough to make it worth it?!

More Farms from a Balloon

Another picture of farms from the air taken from a Balloon! Obviously taken hand held. It was a misty morning hence the haze which was a shame.

Frauenkirche - Munich

Frauenkirche - Munich

A more recent panorama this time. This is the Frauenkirche in Munich, taken on a business trip. It is another hand-held panorama. The Frauenkirche is a very recognisable building that can be seen easily when in the centre of Munich. The original panorama is 2x3 images. You are forced to be quite close to the building as it is surrounded closely by other buildings hence the strange angle on the cathedral. It does make the ground look kind of funky though!

British International Motor Show 2006

I've been sorting out some of my older photos. Below is a handheld panoramic photo taken at the British International Motor Show in 2006. I think I managed to fix all the 'half people' but if you find someone who's cut off let me know? :-) The panorama is 3x1 images.

St. Peter's Church Window

While I was out walking yesterday I came across St. Peter's Church in Dyrham. Unusually for a church this one was open so you could go inside. It's probably because it's so close to Dyrham House. There was a stained glass window opposite the alter which, while not particulary impressive, I thought I could use to improve my technique of shooting panoramic shots of stained glass windows. Unfortunately, I had to set up quite close underneath the window to avoid a light fixture that was hanging right in front of the window. This has given the panel a bit of an extreme viewpoint. In addition, I felt I couldn't get a good enough angle on the windows that sit above the ones pictured below so I've missed those out. Overall, I feel this was more of a success than the last one that I took with this method. It does however show how important cleaning the windows before photographing them is!

River Boyd

Below is a panorama that doesn't look like a panorama! It's a 3x3 image with two exposures blended together. It's the River Boyd in Bitton, taken from a small road bridge which crosses it. It was a good place to stop, sit down, have a drink and rest for a bit. Taking the photos meant I had an excuse not to have to pick up all my gear again and carry on! ;-)

English Village from the Air

This is another hand held panoramic shot taken from when I took my balloon ride. It's annoying blurry like the other two but when reduced in aize it looks a lot sharper.

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