As I mentioned before, this week I seem to have spent a long time in my car driving. Fully a third of the miles that my car has done ever in it's life have been spent moving my brother into his new place in Reading. I know my brother pretty well by now so I wasn't really surprised that when I got back to my parents there wasn't a bed made for me or when I got up in the morning that there wasn't anything I could eat for breakfast. I did tease him about it a lot though!

My car's only small so I already knew it would take two trips with the back seat folded down and boot full to the brim. The car seemed quite plucky though and although the acceleration was often just about as strong as a cat pulling a 400lb sled we successfully managed to navigate to his new place with no problems.

Although the drive was long it was nice. I rarely have a chance to have a proper conversation with Edd. Mostly when we talk on the phone or by IM the conversation seems quite stilted with neither of us really knowing what to say but face to face we normally manage to have quite interesting conversatons about all sorts of random topics. My youngest brother is the same.

There were a few things that didn't go smoothly but they were few and far between although my brother breaking the toilet door as he was doing the initial inventory was quite funny. He'd tell you he didn't break it, only shut the door gently, and on trying to re-open it it was stuck. Luckily he was on the outside of the toilet so wasn't locked in but it did prompt a giggle fest over possible scenarios had he been.

I of course took my camera along and took this picture of Edd looking pensive while gazing out the window. I'm not sure what he was thinking but it looks deep.

Pensive: Edd looking pensive while gazing out of the window of his new flat in Reading.Pensive: Edd looking pensive while gazing out of the window of his new flat in Reading.