My First Beads

My First Beads

Here they are at last, my first attempts during a one day course in basic beadmaking held by Mike Poole of Tillerman Beads. His fantastic beads can be found at Tillerman Beads.
Needless to say, I intend to try making some more, better I hope, once I have got my torch from Pearsons Glass in Liverpool.


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Bead Course

Found your link on SiliconFolly. I was with you on the course on Friday.A really good day. I want to make some more beads now. I am going to investigate using a propane torch and oxygen concentrator. I have posted pictures of Lyn and my first attempts our first attemps on my website.
Style Glass Link 1
Style Glass Link 2

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Possibilities for new earings if I can make 2 the same

I had hoped to buy the torch on the Saturday morning, but Pearsons in Liverpool were still trying to get their Lampwork section up and running so I will have to order the torch next week. The most difficult bits for me were trying to keep my hands from shaking and twirling the mandrels (metal rods) constantly to keep the beads centred. If you don't twirl, the liquid glass drops from the mandrel and makes a lovely blob on your bench.It's a matter of practice I'm told by those on the Silicon Folly Lampwork website forum at
who make fantastic beads. I now have links to UK beadsites thanks to Mike Pooles site. His site is well worth a visit.

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You seem to have a good mix of different types. I figured you'd buy a torch after the class! How difficult was making the beads? I assume you melt the glass around a metal rod and then slide them off when cool?