My version of the Multi-coloured Dreamcoat

My version of the Multi-coloured Dreamcoat

This started out as three tiny pot melts in Bullseye Fusible glass which looked very nondescript when taken out of the kiln. Not content with these, I placed two of them back in a pot and left the other on a kiln shelf placed so that the melt would drop onto the pre-existing one. These were all done on fibre paper, not thinfire. I still didn't like the result nor the finish on the back of the resulting piece. The fibre paper seemed to have stopped the glass from flowing smoothly across the kiln shelf. After a few weeks deliberation during which time I got on with other melts,I decided to take one last shot at it and cut extra pieces of glass to go around the mishapen melt, added a few stringers and some extra pieces of glass and fused at 940 deg cent so that I could also add a few combs in the glass to make the plainer areas more interesting. Click on the picture to get an enlargement. I intend to cut this into a circle and put a darker border around it so that in my mind at least, it qualifies as finished.
An earlier experiment at combing glass in shown below.

Combing experiment
This piece has been combed but is not yet finished. I intend to put a border around it and cap it with clear to make it sparkle. I'm undecided whether to turn it into a bowl or not.


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It took me awhile but I see what you mean about the eel. You and I are very visual people, hence your interest in photography. The combed glass is sitting on a tin lid from a Cadbury's Roses Giant Tin emptied by you and the rest of the gannets in the family. You know, those members of the family that can eat pounds of sweets and cakes and not put on an ounce of weight. The glass is 24.5 cm in diameter, plenty big enough for a bowl. I did use a BBQ fork, making one pass each time I opened the kiln. I was of course wearing my protective glasses and heast resistant gloves which come up to my elbows. After one pass, the glass has cooled sufficiently that the fork does not pass through easily enough for a second go. It would be easier if I had a top opening kiln instead of a front opening door hinged on the left. Being left handed, I open the door with my left hand and comb with my right. Good job I'm a bit ambidextrous. I knit right handed but write with my left.

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More weird images in my head

Keeping up with my tradition of seeing weird things in your pot melts (such as fried eggs) I think the top one looks like it has an eel in it - it has a pale underside and a darker top with a glaring yellow eye! ;-)

The combed glass looks amazing. What is the glass sitting on? A lid of some sort? How big is it? It looks a bit like jewelry but I figure given the size of the carpet weave in the picture it's too big for that. Did you use your BBQ forks for this comb?