Nancy the Cat

I recently bought the book "Beaded Treasures" by Robin Atkins. It gives instructions for Finger woven bracelets, Necklaces, Tassels and Straps. Not having any of the items listed in the "Supplies" section on page 3, I of course decided to go ahead with what I had despite the fact that none of it matched the list. Instead of the cork board, I used an old cork notice board. For the T pins I used push pins. For the Fray Check I used nail varnish and lastly for the C.Lon cord I used some crappy yellow cottony thread.
Here's a picture of my efforts using the minimum of beads, just to see whether I could follow the instructions!
Nancy's New Cat ToyNancy's New Cat Toy
As you see, It has a great use as Nancy the cat's new toy. You are not supposed to notice the dusty floor, just the toy and her new collar. I made her wear it just in time because one of my next door neighbour's cats looks just like her. Down to the few small white hairs under her chin. Luka, the neighbours cat has taken to coming into the house to steal food so I have to pick up my cats bowls after they've finished each meal and hide the remaining food in the top oven which has to be shut. Shut because the other day I left it open and discovered food on the floor where she had climbed up to the work surface and poked her paw into the open oven to retrieve the food. Now the only way to distinguish which cat is in the house is to look for the collar. Doesn't she look distinguished with her gold sparkley flea collar. Bill has at last been fitted with a silver sparkley one with the help of the vet. He, the cat that is hates to be held and fights tooth and claw to get away. Hence the help of the vet when they went for their latest booster injections.


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Very Pretty

Very Pretty! :-)