New Printer

I finally did it - took the plunge an bought a new printer. I wasn't sure it was going to work properly as my computer doesn't meet the minimum recommended specification for running it but it seems to be OK so far. (You know your computer is old when it doesn't meet the spec of a printer!) I spent most of yesterday playing and have used all but one of 4x6's you get in the test pack that comes with the printer in the box. I've been putting a different sort of picture on each one to see how different things come out on the print. There's a couple of black and white portraits, a couple of high colours and some other stuff. I decided on the Epson R800 as the reviews I've read have been good and the printer hasn't disappointed. I've never had a printer before and I've not been one to get my stuff sent off for printing online so this is the first time that I've actually seen my stuff in a physical form and been able to hold and play with it. It's more exciting than I expected. I keep wanting to print everything but am having to hold myself back so I don't end up wasting all my paper on bad quality photos. I opened the lid to watch it while it printed and it was really cool to see the picture emerge in stages in a fine spray pattern. If I wasn't already psyched about using my camera more at the moment I would be now. My pictures can now become something other than a collection of pixels on a website that nobody but me visits but also a bunch of prints nobody but me looks at! ;-)


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Pixel viewing

Not true, I visit and comment and I try to get not only my glass people but also the genealogy contacts to look at the site. I'm using my postings of pot melts as excuses for not replying sooner to their emails. I got overloaded with queries at the beginning of the year so when I finally replied to all of them decided to take a break and do more glass. Maybe you should add a post about comments because some people have found the format of the website a little daunting. Perhaps that's why there are fewer posts.
I'm glad you are enthused by the printer. Now there is no excuse for you not to join a photography group and share your pictures around. You might also find there are organised trips to specific locations and so get to know the countryside around you, which types of things you would like to photograph and which not.
I am still using my trusty old Epson Stylus 740; it seems to go on forever. It's getting to the point where it's starting to get difficult to find the inks so have started to use Universal Inkjet refills with good results so far, at least for the black and provided that I follow the instructions absolutely.
I, as always on an early morning, am waiting for the kiln to cool down. It's at 110 deg cent. at the moment, too hot to open the door yet and risk thermal shock to see how well the borders I've tried to put around a couple of melts have worked, OR NOT!

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The format of the website is daunting? Can you tell me how or why? I haven't heard this before and am interested in finding out why so I can try to do something about it.