Light Tent and Howl's

It was my birthday recently and my mum bought me an EZcube light tent. I decided to have a play with it today.

The cube is made rigid by the same springing material that they make quick erection camping tents from. Mine came packed up in a dimmer plate sized bag but once you remove it, it spring out into an enormous 30"x30" cube! I've yet to see whether I can successfully get it back in to the bag or not! I don't have any suitable photography lights and today's weather has been grey skies with periods of hail so taking it outside into the sunlight wasn't practical. Instead I had to make do with my flat flourescent lights. This has left my test photos with a colour cast that I can't fully get rid of without a lot of effort and / or washing out the photographed item. For this subject the effort just isn't worth it.

My subject is a paper model that I finished a couple of months ago. It's an awesome papercraft from Howl's Moving Castle. I've posted some pictures below.

You can (currently) get the model pages from
An English translation of the instructions can be found here.


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Picture spacing

I like the way the photos have turned out. I got the 30 inch for you as you can try bigger subjects with it. Mine is a 20 inch which is big enough for beads. They also do a huge one that takes smaller furniture. The supplier (Tabletop also does lights so maybe you can get a couple when you are flush with money. I've put a clear glass platform in my tent made from a couple of wine glasses upended and a piece of clear glass balanced on top so that my camera is at the correct height above the beads. When I'm photographing a paler bead , I put some coloured glass underneath as a contrast.
Over Christmas you'll have to show me how to space out the pictures on this site.

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Your use of the drupal

Your use of the drupal platform is remarkable, keep up the good work.