As you may have gathered I have got into trying to take panoramic photos in a big way lately (stitching 2 or more images together to forma larger picture). A couple of days ago I started my computer off calcultaing and stitching together a set of photographs that I took of the main street in Marshfield Village. Tonight it finally finished and outputted a stitched picture. It's not a finished picture by any means. It needs cropping and other sundry tweaks to get it looking even half decent (using the same exposure settings on the camera over a large field of view inevitably produces areas that are more dark or more light than you like. So to stitch my 56 images together has taken about 48 hours for my 1 GHz computer to process (although my computer performs a few other jobs between while computing but nothing particularly arduous).

Was it worth it?

Probably not but it's the largest 'photo' I've ever produced with a single tiff file of 686MB.


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56 images!

56 images! what was so spectacular on a main street that it needed 56 images?

You definetly need to upgrade your pc though, most laptops are higher powered than your pc now. // Photography of Rock

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It was....

...more of a case of can I do it rather than should I...
(If you use Firefox you'll probably need to first 'zoom out' of the image)
This is a small version of the preview I generated so you can still see the seams.

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I must say I like pano's of

I must say I like pano's of straight lines where they curve... like at a railroad crossroads thats cool.

I wouldn't say it was a technically bad pano. only real stitch issues (at this size) are in the clouds but i would say its a dull pano...

we'll find some cool stuff for you to pano this weekend. // Photography of Rock