Racton Monument (Front)

Racton Monument (Front)

A view of Racton Monument, Sussex, from the front.


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sorry for scaring all 4 of you that night.....

apologies to anyone having a bad exprience at racton ruins about 3 years ago you will know who you are! we hid in the building when you arrived and watched all 4 of you walk around looking in talking to each other even heard one of you say that your friend was paranoid when he saw me you didnt believe him, we waited and waited then just before you where about to enter the building my female friend let out a hooror movie scream that echowed throughouted the whole woods there shit it even scared me and i knew it was a joke, anyway all 4 of you ran like cowards (not stopping to check that the female who screamed was ok) you ran fell over in the brambles then we heard 4 doors slam and a your vehicle wheelspinning up the road as you drove away as quick as poss very sorry not ghosts or ghouls just some humans on the wind up if you have suffered pyschological problems hopefully this will ease your mind (better late then never) SORRY SORRY SORRY

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racton ruin

i loved racton ruins in about 1970 would drive out from Southsea , well Cowplain actually and remeber a boyfriend playing Whiter shade of pale for me on the organ of a beautiful little church about half a mile away. Never thought it was spooky just peaceful and remote.

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can anyone tell me if the

can anyone tell me if the initails ST with a cross are still on one of the high walls....saw this about 20 yrs ago so dunno if its still there..would like to know tho...

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woild love to know of any one

woild love to know of any one who has been there resently....went loads of times years ago.. went once with my somone when my boy was little...i saw some graffitti with initails that bear a resemambalance on my life...thought nowt at the time but is now wandering ....did they mean something..

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I was just reading through comments and was shocked to find people have had similar experiences to what I've had.

I used to go to the tower with friends (about 7-8 years ago), I didn't really experience anything other than the temperature drop and eerie feeling upon getting close to the tower. That was the case up to one night when I saw something black moving outside the car, and heard a scuttling sound. Keep in mind it was 1am(ish) in the morning, not really the time to be walking a dog. There were 4 people in the car at the time all of which heard the noise, needless to say we followed the routine of making a quick exit!

I am the worlds biggest skeptic when it comes to ghosts but there is definitely something not quite right up there.
My mum told me that her and a friend tried to take their horses past Racton when they were young and the horses would shy away and refuse to get close. Good test for anyone to make and comment on (if you own a horse).
The path to Racton is quite easily missed, look out for a postbox and a narrow lane (on the left) before reaching Walderton

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i went up there today but it

i went up there today but it was light, not a very sunny day , the sky was grey but it was light. Me my mum and dad walked up the stoney path to the ruins. as we approched i didnt get a very nice feeling, even though it was cold, i got a horrible chill. when we got int he ditches, it was filled with drugs,cans and used fireworks. but it still felt ery. we never experienced anything but it didnt feel real, it was like somthing out of a horror film. i defently think devil people go there. the trees were painted weirdly and i would poo my self at night, and im not easly sacred !!

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i spent the night up there a

i spent the night up there a couple of times around '89. there was a bloke who lived up there in a camper van called Ray who had loads of cats. the place used to scare the shit out of me. definitly has bad vibe about it. if ya like spooky places check out Knowle hospital cemetary where five thousand inmates of Knowle lunatic asylum were burried. gconnatty@gmail.com

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hi there, im on holiday in

hi there, im on holiday in the area at the moment, and i kept seeing the building in the distance when driving along the roads nearby, so we decided to find it, we drove up the lane in the car, my parents walked the dog up to it from the parking area, we was there about half four in the afternoon, i loved the building, as there was something about it, that seemed spooky, we didnt have anything happen to us, but i took various photos of the building, havent had chance to look through yet, but i will post any interesting ones, would love to go at night, but not sure if my nerves would hold out! x

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Early Summer 2010

Me and some friends decided to go to the ruins to finish off a lovely day after Southsea common. There was about 6 of us, we drove up the long road and the sun was setting> the sun went down and we left our cars to go into the Ruins. I've heard a lot about the Ruins, on of my friends dads committed Suicide there a few years back, and ever since I have been very weary about the ruins. Some of my guy friend went to go get fire wood and me and my sister were left in the middle of the ruins by ourselves, in the dark with nothing but our mobile phone background lights. Holding her hand tightly we heard a groan of distress right infront of out faces, as though someone was taking their last breath. I looked at my sister, holding her hand saying 'Did you just fucking hear that?' and she grabbed my hand and nodded in shock. Then after that we sat with our faces looking at our feet, and didn't dare look around. We could hear the guys outside the Ruins collecting fire wood. Our next weird encounter came as my friend put his Blackberry down. we where sat on the edge of the center of the Ruins, where there are pits on either side. Previously to sitting down we had looked down the pits to see how deep they were, and they were fairly deep. Me and my friend where sat a fair distance away from the pit, and he had put his blackberry next to him. Next thing is my friend is going 'where the fuck is my blackberry!!' After ringing his phone for a few minutes, we heard it. It was down the bottom of one of the pits! Everyone was really confused. Last weird happening was when we were all sat in the middle of the Ruins, when suddenly 2 rocks flew from oneside of the ruins to the other, like someone had thrown them. They were fairly big rocks too.

Was a very unpleasant experience to say the least. Next time, I'll go whnn its daylight (even though that wont make a difference!)

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scary shit happens at racton ruins

me and my mates went up there this evening! some fuckin scary shit goes on in tht bulding! ive been up there a few times....the first time I was bricking it as we made the drive up the track....then you see the trees on the left wth the messages on them written on blood....R.I.P to people who died there, if this wasnt weird enough, when we turned the car around and put the full beams onto racton, theres an old lady standing in the top of the second floor window....she just stares at you. sometimes you see things moving and walking past- there are alot of orbs seen in photos we've taken. tonight however, there were about 20 people up there, some girls were screaming and came running out saying "im never going in there again! its freaky and cold and there are ghosts!" i was too scared to go in there but my friend came back out and she sed she felt summin touch her on the shoulder and the side of her face went really cold.Im going back up there but in the day to check it out...no way would I go in there on my own....the scariest place ive ever been!! If you love things like this. go check out the old abandoned hospital over in southampton....some scary haunted wards and shit, u can har the crying of the ghosts down the corridors!

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racton ruins

ive been up there loads in the day and seen or felt nothing. but i suppose i have heard a few things about what shit goes on up their at night :L im only 14 and was just curious about it coz its only 10mins away from me and wanted to know what it was originally. ive heard things from one of the kings from hundreds of years ago used it to it was a smugglers hideout (but i guess its not very secret :/ ) anwayy......

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sounds pretty cool. what hospital in southampton you on bout ???? x

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Dogs barking...?

Recently two freinds and I drove up to Racton Ruins. (They had both been before a few times and had been inside the building too but I had only heard parts of the stories...)I can tell you I was shaking all over by the time we had driven there haha. So it was raining quite hard and about 9:40 PM when we had arrived. Litterally, no-one to be seen in the area. At one point we had almost gotten lost but it seemed like all the houses in the area had on-one living in them either lol!

Anyway, they started trying to freak me out and I was trying to bring myself to step outside the car and take a look but by the time I had a good look from inside the car and stopped cowering and started to relax a little... We heard a dog barking three times coming from right close behind the car.Nothing strange as were were in the countryside...However the houses before that that almost seemed to form a hamlet-type thing was silent and it appeared that no one was in- again. There were no visable dog walkers-which even if they were, why at this time of night and why in the rain? None of us had the guts to stay and see what egsactly it was.We were already facing the way back down and my mate (who was driving) flipped after I said I heard it too coming from behind us and we spead off...

My freind says that isn't the first time that this dog barking has happened. Im going back again soon, but has this ever happened to anyone else? If so, what the hell is it??!



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Bogs Barking!

It is not just dogs you will hear here. Many other sounds come from the deapth of the Tower. It is inhabited by a creature that if you are very unlucky you will see for yourself.

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racton ruins

went up there last night got some really good pictures and one picture none of us can quite work out going back up there tonight to have another little nose about will let you know how it goes

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racton ruiens

this place was unbeliveable even though we never made it inside the place we parked up near and left the car lights on the ruiens so we could see where we was going we had are torches but they were mostly all on the windows looking for anyfin inside or something. there were 4 of us lads , we started to walk towards the building seeing the metal fence around it knowing we would have to clim over it we got about 15 feet away from the building when we all hurd a massive ROarrrrrrr , we all bolted striaght back to the car and drove off we went back up 5 mins later and it was silent nothing at all we couldent figure out what it was but the voice we all hurd had passion and anger in its voice it was clearly destubring .. can anyone please tell me if this has happend to them and if they have gone back up there and more has happend ? thanks

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Tonight was the craziest night! We were all out for a drive and decided to go up racton, mind you the car i was in he'd never been there before and had only been driving a month. We completly missed the turning, and ended up in Compton. I got out to into the pub to ask if we were anywhere near it but the whole pub just sat still and looked at us (it felt like a horror movie)! They told us, and we started off again. The car in front of us stopped suddenly and we got out to see what was up and they told us they'd hit someone and to drive fast and get out of here. We were like nah dont be harsh but they drove off, we looked around and there was nothing there, then we got a phone call of them saying they were joking! We got to the road that leads to racton, and went to far up, when we finally got there, there was another two cars, one of our cars drove off so we were like, lets go in. I went to climb up it but fell off. Then the other group were telling me that someone died up there like a week ago :| I was like i wanna go :|:| !! We went and met the other car of ours, and they told uss that they saw us right behind them coming down the road from racton, we were like we wern't we were in the tower! They saw a car behind them all the way down, and when they got to the bottem they turnt around to see it again and it was gone. Some scary stuff happens there, but i love it so i go all the time. You should defiantly go there people!!

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we r doin a ghost hunt on

we r doin a ghost hunt on saturday 26th september 2009 if your willing to come meet us there from 8pm

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Went there last night

Me and my Mate went up there last night at about 1.30 in the morning. We drove up, turned around, then switched the engine and lights off. It was Pitch black and deadly silent. The ruins looks incredible, but extremly spooky and eary. Plus the writing on the trees doesnt help!At first we were too scared to get out, the bud making us paranoid! So we opened up the windows fully, and sat there in quiet. Then we heard a voice go woohoo, it was (without a doubt) a human voice. It sounded close, outside the car. We both shat it, started the engine and bombed it down the track. Then we got to the bootom of the track and relaxed again, switched off the engine. We opened up the windows again, and after 10 seconds heard the exact same voice, still as loud and close. This is after we DROVE flat out down the track. Which means whoever, or whatever it was must off sprinted through the bushes, like really fast to keep up with us, as it is a long track. Scetchy place, yet very intriguing, next time will go look around when there are a couple more of us!

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creased up lmaoo, nice to no you do the stuff mann :) i went up there when i was with a couple of mates and my mate got dragged down the track and i jjst left her i didnt no what was going on but when she was gone i realsied

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Donewell fellow bong hitters.
Went up racton tonight, not much happened, i was too stoned and got too scared just standing outside of it haha.

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Loud Moan!

Been there a couple of times since the suicide in July and its definitely got creepyer. Taken loads of pictures just email me if you want to see some.

Most notable was last night (30/10/09). After taking a few pics and walking round the ruin we walked back to the car and heard a very loud, clear moan. It sounded very distressed. Unfortunately we had stopped rolling the video camera to catch it but it was extremely loud.

We left pretty quickly but are hoping to return soon.

Ive never really felt much was there but since the suicide things have picked up tremendously. Go and check it out yourselves but remember to pay respect to a man that died there.

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Photo's Of Racton

Hi have you done anything to the pics above? If not then there are a hell of a lot of spirit orbs floating around. The most I have ever seen! Have you got anymore pics I could look at?



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re-orbs at racton!

hi vicky--we went to the ruins last night very late--4 of us took hi def cameras...one pic came out instantly---many many orbs around us...ive uploaded it to face book--u can add me if u got f/b...wayne massey....the place we were standing was freezing!no where else--just where we stood just in the east tower entrance where the orbs were taken...its also the point(may of been group imagination)that my m8 n i both felt what felt like a finger or hand on our hands for a split second...my friend also as it was dark-fell into the center well point from the outside--only about a 4-5 foot drop--but knocked himself out!--we had to carry him up to the car as we left--drifting in n out of conciousness...thought this is typical in light of the people that have died or injured themselves---will defo be goin again...love the place!--love the creepyness...

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my brother fell.....

i used to come here about 7 years ago...never experienced anything out of the ordinary...just with a few mates (usually about 4 guys and us 2 girls).
after i grew up a bit and stopped going for joy rides with the lads, i didnt hear of the place for years...until sep 07'
my lil bro an his mates discovered it and used to go up there alot (same reason we all did really...get drunk an have laugh). he decided he was going to climb to the top one evening to take some pics of the views. he got about 3/4 of the way up and lost his footing.....
i was told that he was hanging there for a while, trying to hold on so he didnt fall....but obviously he couldnt and fell.
It was the frantic phone call from his girlf, that made every1 worry so much, saying he had fallen and wasnt moving...
luckily he was just unconsious (after falling about 30ft!) and had bones sticking out his ankle.
But, he was ok.....the ambulance people werent able to move him for ages due to the extent of his shattered leg.
But something there was obviously on his side that day and not against. He was told he was very very lucky to be alive!!

So be careful people....your more than likely to injure yourself than experience anything 'strange'

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me and some pals have been

me and some pals have been here a couple of times and never seen anything odd but when we went last week we saw the flowers for john. Very sad thing to happen. R.I.P.

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can anyone e-mail me some

can anyone e-mail me some images conz33@hotmail.co.uk thanksssss

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oo me too!


any pictures or stories or something :D

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Me too! Please can you forward some pics to me at youcanreachjo@hotmail.com

many thanks!

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Thought those flowers were fresh

Went there last night, before we found out about the VERY recent suicide. There were flowers to 'John'. Then we read this page and found out we were about 26 hours from him being there!

Anyone know when the most recent was before that?

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that was my friend thank and

that was my friend thank and R.I.P JOHN going tomiss you. you didnt have to do this m8 u got to many friends love u man.

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Racton Ruins visit 19th July 2009 @ 9.30 pm

Hi guys,

after `reading your comments me and a few friends decided to go check out this place, and oh man its real eery. Myself and one other decided to take some pictures, and after we had taken the pictures we noticed that in the middle section I had an orb floating, took another picture and this thing had gone, My other pal took a picture net to the entrance and he clearly has 2 faces in this. I am wanting to upload these pictures to show you all. once leaving the ruins a friend decided to go back to this place on his own without a torch and by this time it was around 10.30 ish, then he legged it back, however he wanted to go back again so he did. For some unknown reason I was looking up at one of the windows and I sware that I had seen something bobbing in the window ( however my sister seems to think that this was a tree) 10 mins later my fried reappears in a right state he was pelting it down the hill back to our cars. we kept asking him what was wrong and what he had seen however he replied ' I will tell you all when we are home ' the car on the way home was quiet he did not say a word.
Once arriving home we asked him what he had seen, he saw someone hanging in the lower level, and something was walking towards him and someother shit happened.

However when we first arrived at the ruins there were flowers up there with messages from family and loved ones, turns out after reading on the internet that someone had hung themselves on the previous evening.

Myself and my pals will not be going back here, due to the images that we have got and warnings from people.

Please feel free to dsend me your email address and I will quite happily show you the pictures, none of which have been edited nor tampered with!!!!

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eeek can i have the pictures

eeek can i have the pictures please?

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hey my email is kellywalters88@hotmail.com please send pics xx

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gimmmeee pictures =]

sounds weird maaan, im going up there soon myself to create a documentary for a college project, it would be a great help if you could possibly send me some pictures to this email address, and also would it be alright if me and my group use this story within our documentary? Heres the email address suzannerobot@msn.com

Thanks x

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Racton Photos


Please can you send me your photos too? my email address is youcanreachjo@hotmail.com

Many thanks,


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right here gose i was reading the comment on here and you said yor freind saw a man haning on the lower leval well i had the same thing we went there on saturday and it dint feel creepy or anything i got a vid from the field behind the ruin and zoom'd up close the whole time we were there it was light so we dint feel strainge but we got home and uploadid the vid and you can see a man in the middle window hanning there bye a noose you can see his face i paused the vid and printed the screen and saved it as a pic and i triede to get rid of it and try and see what it was but there was no explination for this he had a red ish couler face and was swinning slightly what leval was this were your freind saw the man because were i saw it was the leval above the lowest were there is grass growing on it i know that this must of been something paranomal as i was with my pearents at the time and they went in the monument plus there is not a way to get up to the 2nd leval... i would love to se some of your pics..i will send you the vid and the pic that i printed the screen on in exchainge my mum and dad were doing photogrephy at the time and my mum got about 3 pics with orbs in them please can you email me to my email adress its aka.hitman@hotmail.co.uk ........ i totaly freek'd when i saw this vid as i am only 13 but i really want to see some of your pics please can you get back to me on this thanks


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This place is great?

Anyways just wanted to chime in and say what a great place this is.

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hello, i read your comment it sounds scary my mates are saying dont go there but i really want to if i give you my email would you be able to send me some pictures you took please


thanks x

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kayleighgoodwin39@yahoo.com coud you please send me the images as I would love to see them. Me and my friends go there all the time in the hope that we will eventually see something paranormal. Thanks

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hi there my name is stacey and i was just wondering if u could send my the pictures u have taken many thanx mckennastacey@hotmail.co.uk

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racton pics

can you send them to me plz

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could you send me the pictures you have please we where up there last night still loads of flowers too.
thank you

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Racton Ruins


I read yout comment on racton ruins and i'd love to see your pics.

It was a friend of mine who actually foud the taxi driver hanging there on the 17th..............he says he's now experiencing strange things at home.............

Scary huh?


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Hi ya,

this may be a quicker way to reply then waiting for an acceptance, I shall send you the pictures whats the email address??? on one of the images I did not use a flash so the building does look dark however you will need to zoom in as there is a white face in the window, below which appears to be graffiti. these pictures have not been tampered nor edited!!


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Hi Heidi

You can send them to webmaster_AT_kiloalphatango_DOT_com or upload them to ImageShack and put a link in the comment.


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Hey Ant,

I know I was up their on the sunday evening and saw a few flowers was very very eerie thats for sure, please by all means send me an email heidijohnston@hotmail.co.uk and I will happily send you the pictures I have 2 orbs, and a white face feature behind a window, however this picture will need to be zoomed in on!!!! as it was taken from a distance with no flash.


I look forward to herarng from you

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I would love to see your pictures if you wouldn't mind mailing them to slsster@aol.com

Not a great fan of the place myself, I've always had a really bad feeling about it but enjoy hearing other peoples' experiences.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi ya Cathy

Yeah I am currently at work at the moment, however when I get home this evening I will send them to you via email,

I shall send you the ones taken before and after, one of the pictures you will need to zoom in on, but I will inform you of which one